Scka Free Virtual Weapons Battle

Scka Free Virtual Weapons Battle

We are pleased to announce the first Scka Virtual Weapons Battle

    Scka Virtual Weapons battle

      Go to Sportdata to register now to our free online event: click here.

      General "Rules", "Tutorial" and "How To" about Online Competitions on Sportdata can be found here:


      How To Record Your Video: 

      1 --- Use the code below at the beginning of the video 

      This code is used to make sure all the competitors are recording their video now and not uploading an old video. This way, all competitors have the same chances to win.

      (The code can also be found on the page of the event in Sportdata using the button "Match Code")

        2 --- Make 3 Combos, follow the steps in the video tutorial below:

         Use any martial art weapon you like and show us your craziest tricks and combos. 


        How To Upload Your Video: 

        1 --- In order to upload your video you need to login into Sportdata and go to our event.

        2 --- Once the registrations are closed we will create the Draws for the event.

        3 --- Once the Draws are ready you can upload your video like follows:



        More Rules and info available in the Download session of the event itself:

         Download Session on Sportdata


        Need help registering on Sportdata:

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