Scka Flame Signature Series - JvdB Nunchakus

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Scka Flame Signature Series - JvdB Nunchakus

Special Limited Edition of Our Scka Flame Series in collaboration with Nunchaku Specialist and World Nunchaku Champion Joris van den Berg.

Want to learn the basic of Nunchakus: follow a free tutorial on YouTube by Joris:

The Signature series is our attempt to support and collaborate with teams, schools, athletes, event organizers around the world.

About Joris:



Nunchaku Specs:

All our Flames are made of wood and colored with water resistant material that avoid the design to be ruined by intense usage. Forget items covered by strips that need to be changed every 2 months and colored ones that change color because of humidity.

Lenght: 35 cm 

Cord lenght: 4,5 cm for each stick


IMPORTANT: The Signature Nunchaku Series is Prepared and Shipped directly by our partner Joris van den Berg. After the order is placed on our website, all the information will be sent to our partner to ship the item.