What is VX OPEN?

VX Open is an online contest for Martial Arts Forms, Extreme Forms and Tricking.


When is the VX OPEN?

VX Open is a series of events. 

The first edition started the 1st of April 2020 and will end the 1st of May 2020.


Are there Rules and/or Tutorials?

Rules here:


Tutorial here:



When are the video submissions?

Where to send my videos?

You can upload a video of your form directly from our entry form at https://sckaweapons.com/pages/vx-open

You don't directly upload a new video in our platform. To reach more people and to get noticed you add the link of a video you already posted on your personal social profiles like Instagram (No IGTV), Youtube, Vimeo or Twitch. See the Tutorials here: https://sckaweapons.com/pages/vx-open-tutorials


Is every Social Platform enabled?

For video uploads only Instagram (no IGTV), Youtube, Vimeo and Twitch are allowed.  

For sharing a submitted video, you can use Facebook and Twitter directly from the platform.


How do I enter the enter all the information needed?

Using the entry form at https://sckaweapons.com/pages/vx-open you can add all the informations needed:

  • Name and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Your Team 
  • Your Country
  • Your Email Address
  • Add your video
    • Either Uploading a new Video
    • Recommended: Or Sharing the link of your video from Instagram (no IGTV), Youtube, Vimeo and Twitch
  • Choose the Category

Remember to Check the rules before submitting.

VX OPEN - Schreenshot Submission Form


How much does it cost?

Uploading and sharing your videos is completely free.

Having your videos competing in the contest is free up to one entry and to one division only.

To compete in multiple divisions there is an entry fee of 15 Euros.

Teams and Schools can have a discounted fee to cover all the categories for all their members.


Can I add all the videos I want? 

Yes you can. But if you upload more than one video for a single category, the jury will randomly choose only one for the contest for that division. 


How do you select the winner?

Following the rules, a set of international judges will go through the list of videos between April 20th and April 29th and give a score to each performance.

The best 3 performance for every category will be selected for the final. 

We'll also give spotlights to the best selected by the community.


How is the community voting affecting the judges?

As you normally see in all the international martial arts tournament, where judges need to give their opinions of a specific performance while comparing that performance with the one of the other athletes seen before, athletes that compete last has usually more chances to get higher scores.

This is due to the fact that the judges understand better and better the level of a division while watching more and more performances of the athletes. 

So, the same performance could usually get higher score starting last respect to starting earlier. That's why in many federations you see seeded athletes starting from last. 

To recreate a similar feeling to real competition we decided to use community scoring to define the order in which the videos will be seen by the judges. 

The lower the number of scores, the earlier your video will be seen. 

IMPORTANT: No worry, if your performance is great, doesn't matter if you start first or last, you'll always get an appropriate score.But a little help with community scores will always help. 


What does it mean no edit?

Valid only for Forms. It means not edit after a video is recorded.
A video captured from multiple cameras is allowed as far as it is exactly the same performance.

Are releases allowed in Creative Weapons?

For this first competition yes. In the future they won't be allowed.

What does it means Traditional Weapons?

It's traditional weapons and not traditional Kobudo or traditional Kung Fu weapons. This division is for all the forms using Traditional Weapons from traditional styles with traditional movements. All styles allowed. 

Is Sprung floor allowed?

Not allowed for forms. But for the Samplers it is allowed.


Is there a time limit for the Samplers?

No time limit but, tip, the longer the sampler the less engaged will be the jury.


What is the prize?

 We wanted to have an online event that wasn't just for fun and wanted to give the winner of every division the possibility to get something concrete.

That's why we are running prizes sponsored by the community. Through sponsors, donations and part of the entry fees.

We are announcing the prizes for every category during the period the competition is running.



Check the rules: https://sckaweapons.com/pages/vx-open-rules

Check the Tutorials: https://sckaweapons.com/pages/vx-open-tutorials