Scka Flame Series - The Not Chakus - (Orange)

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Scka Flame Series... The Not Chakus - (Orange)

A unique design, representing the Olympic flame.  

Call it Not-Chakus, or Non-Chakus, the Flame Series is something different, something new.

We are really proud to present you the evolution of Nunchakus, something we started working on 3 years ago for Nunchakus passionates from Germany and The Netherlands where normal Nunchakus are prohibited by law. We took the challenge, but we didn't stop there, we wanted something more, something for every Martial Arts Enthusiasts, we wanted to give it a unique design representing something important to every athlete, the Olympic flame which symbolises purity, the endeavour for perfection and the struggle for victory.


You can buy a a pair of sticks to form a Nunchaku, or a single stick to be used for self defence or to be added to your existing Not-Chakus collection and create unique combinations.

You can combine a White Stick with a blue cord, to a white stick with a red cord, or you can combine a white stick to a red or a black stick. The choice is yours.

The cords used in our Flame Series have been carefully searched for a design that never lose its shape even after long sessions of training.


All our weapons are made of wood and colored with water resistant material that avoid the design to be ruined by intense usage. Forget weapons covered by strips that need to be changed every 2 months and colored weapons that change color because of umidity.

Lenght: 30 cm

Cord lenght: 3,5 cm (x stick)

Welcome to the evolution of martial arts weapons.