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Scka Black and White Series…

Extremely Light, Impressively Strong

Part of the new Black And White Series, the new era of weapons competition bos, is the best choice for every Martial Arts Weapons Competitor.

10 Years of Study to create the Best Bo in the WorldYears of preparation and testing to give you the opportunity to own the most technologically advanced martial arts bo.

All our weapons are made of wood and colored with water resistant material that avoid the design to be ruined by intense usage. Forget weapons covered by strips that need to be changed every 2 months and colored weapons that change color because of absorbing umidity.

Welcome to a new era of martial arts weapons

IMPORTANT: Weapons are the most ordered products in our shop and they go very fast out of stock. If one of our weapons is not in stock, you can still order it but you'll be contacted by our team to produce and handcraft a new product specifically for you. The process could take up to 3 weeks. In case you can't wait for your order to be produced, our team can also propose to you alternatives that are available in stock.