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Will Coneys' Broken Fire by Scka

Will Coneys' Broken Fire by Scka

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Will Coneys' High Quality Tricking Tee. 

For fire-bending tricks.


Our Tricking Line is Back with A New Design created in collaboration with Will Coneys.


Broken fire.
Broken fire is the sacred flame that keeps our art alive.
Broken fire is what saved us from a broken heart. It’s when we went out in the rain and tricked and danced and ran and screamed till we found ourselves again.
Broken fire is the peace we find after a day at the gym. It’s what pushes our sores bodies to want more.
Broken fire is the hand of the World picking us up after a broken dream.
It’s the undying force of that spark that lit up our lives the day we fell in love with shapes and movement.
Broken fire is for the alchemists picking up the dirt they fell on to and deeply believing they will turn it into gold.


Will Coneys Design

Beautiful Long Fit Style

Soft High Quality White Cotton

Scka Unique Style


Long Slim Fit          
  Width   Length    
XS 45,70   71,10    
S 50,80   73,70    
M 55,90   76,20    
L 61,00   78,70    
XL 66,00   81,30    
  +- 2 cm   +- 2 cm    
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