VX OPEN announcement

VX OPEN announcement

S for... Stay home and compete!

As we are facing difficult times where more than ever health and safety are n.1 in our lives and our routine and plans have been deeply affected, we want to give you something to look forward to directly from home! Most of us don't have a gym where to train at in this moment but no worries, you can enter videos taken in the last 12 months and take part to our Virtual Experience Open! Hoping to inspire others to create events like this to give our athletes a way to perform even through this tough time. 

5 reasons to love the VXO:

1. You can upload your best performance of your last year!
2. You can compete with international athletes.
3. First entry is completely free.
4. No stage fright.
5. Live stream for top 3 competitors videos!

They say energy is our business card and performing is the essence of who we are.

Do you have what it takes to be the first VXO winner?
Don't miss the chance to take part!


Be virtuous with the virtual rules! Make sure you check them out before uploading your videos (check angles/dates/other details)! 

Check the rules here: https://sckaweapons.com/pages/vx-open-rules

And our, constantly updated, Frequently Asked Questions: https://sckaweapons.com/pages/vx-open-f-a-q

Competition Starts on April 1st.

Different Divisions:


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